Fat Dogs and French Estates     
Buying a country estate in France seemed such a simple thing to accomplish.

But when Beth, her irascible husband Jack, and their two fat dogs set off, little did they know that it would become such an extraordinary journey.

Surviving near-death experiences, they drove thousands of kilometres visiting French estates that were steeped in both history, and eccentric owners.

Will they find their dream, or return to Britain empty-handed?
The team have been on the road for what seems like months. Leaving behind a trail of disastrous viewings, Jack gives Beth a nasty shock by declaring his interest in one of the estates. It’s located halfway up a mountain with a death-defying access route. She’s secretly horrified, but realises the need to humour him because things are going from bad to worse.

As tensions continue to rise, her anxieties switch from fear of failure to the possibility that Jack will finally lose his temper altogether, and come to blows with yet another 'incompetent' estate agent.

With six more properties still on the short-list Beth desperately hopes one will fit the bill, and avoid the increasing risk of the mission being abandoned altogether. All this is complicated by one of the dogs that constantly needs medical attention. But they battle on, exhausted. The uproariously entertaining tale continues, but does it end in failure?
As retirement beckons, Beth, and her husband Jack, start planning their future. With most of their leisure activities spent outdoors, they decide to buy a second home with land of their own.

A comfortable lifestyle, affordable property prices and warm weather eventually draw them to the South of France; which seems to be the ideal location.

After weeks of planning, which severely test her language skills, Beth ends up with a shortlist of 13 estates; any one of which she is convinced will be perfect.

The day finally arrives for the beginning of their great adventure. As they set off with their two fat dogs, little do Beth and Jack know what lies in store. It’s probably just as well, because this hilarious, action-packed adventure might otherwise never have taken place.
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