Fat Dogs and French Estates     
'As a back seat driver, I guffawed as I shared Beth and Jack’s unique search for the perfect French property. I delighted in the eccentric aristocrats we met along the way and even picked up some fascinating historical facts…'
Victoria Twead, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools’
'The first in this series (2nd due out soon) deals with Beth's hunt in rural France for the perfect 'estate' to purchase in order to satisfy her and her husband's love of outdoor pursuits! Sounds simple...right? No we travel the countryside with them at a breathless rate and breakneck speed to view some downright strange places which are owned by even stranger folk! Loved it, laughed out loud and I adored her irascible husband. A very well written book, this author has a way of involving the reader to the extent that few manage. I am very much looking forward to the 2nd book.
Jennifer Herrick-Weatherstone
'From the front cover, to the charming little pencil drawings at the beginning of each chapter and on to the talented writing style of the author, I thoroughly enjoyed every page of ‘Fat Dogs and French Estates’.
The story takes us through France on a property hunting expedition along with Beth, her adorably grumpy husband (Jack) and their two dogs.
Travelling abroad with pets is always an interesting experience and this book provides many a chuckle out loud moment as Beth describes the antics of Sam (a lovable but deaf Australian Shepherd), and Biff (a feisty little Norfolk terrier with a heart murmur). I could imagine the smell in the car after Sam has taken an unscheduled dip in the hotel swimming pool and Biff has delightedly rolled in wild boor poo. Of course, when such things happen ‘their’ dogs become Beth’s dogs. I had however ceased to worry about Jack’s apparent grumpiness when, early on in the book, Beth tells her engineer husband to ‘go and sort out his nuts and bolts’, which he does as meek as a lamb.

I do the majority of my reading when I go to bed - usually quite late. But this book has caused me to go to bed before 9 pm for the past 3 nights.
I'm not normally a travel book reader but I'd heard such good reports about this book that I had to get hold of a copy.
And, of course, its enjoyment is not just about the excellent travel story. It's so rich in real-life hilarity that I struggled to put it down.
My only complaint is that the follow-up book is not yet out.
Well done to Beth Haslam. Please get the next one out as soon as possible and then keep on writing, because you've got a convert here.
James Abley
This book launches the reader straight into the not so unusual husband and wife bickering that a long car journey invariably creates. Beth has an amusing style and is very tongue in cheek ‘moaning’ about her grumpy husband and his antics. By the halfway point I’d decided that this good-natured grumpiness (mainly on Jack’s part), rather than being a domestic disaster actually showed the strength in their relationship, as without a solid foundation Beth wouldn’t have been able to entertain us with such honesty. I always looked forward to seeing how Jack would react when yet another viewing didn't quite live up to expectations.
I don't read memoirs usually but the cover of this caught my eye, it looked fun.
It is fun.
Once the reader becomes acquainted with the characters and the reasons for a move to France the story rattles along at a fair pace. To find a home proves to be a challenging, unbelievable and often hilarious journey, all told with great wit and style. I need to read volume 2 just to find out what happens next and indeed was the grumpy Jack ever happy!

Really funny story, great characters and very well written. I wanted to read more when I got to the end and am very much looking forward to volume 2.
I read the book in 2 days which is unheard of for me so I would highly recommend it to anyone, even if they're not a big reader.
'Beth Haslam is an absolute gem, who's personable style of writing takes the reader along with her, her husband and 2 dogs, in search of their perfect French estate. Beth has an outstanding gift for writing; her vivid descriptions of the characters they meet, the antics of the dogs and the escapades they have along the way are so well described, I truly felt I was sharing the journey with them.

Of course, things don't always go to plan, and Beth's approach to the challenges she faces and the way she portrays them in her writing, had me hoping that each new estate would be the perfect property for them.

An absolute must-read for fans of light-hearted memoirs, especially those involving moving abroad and animals.

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