Fat Dogs and French Estates     
Wonderful sequel worthy of 5 stars

What can I say? I was on the edge of my seat throughout this second book which follows the trials and tribulations of this couple trying to find the right property for their future in rural France. Not the usual hunt here as they are looking for a large property which will fulfill their needs which involves country living in it's most real sense! This is a well written narrative which involved me and dragged me along on the search throughout. I loved the first book and this sequel did not disappoint as reading it gave me great pleasure. I thoroughly recommend this book if you love this genre (which I do) and I am looking forward to the next installment.

Jennifer Herrick-Weatherston
Even better than the first one !

I've just raced through this - laughing all the way - can all these things really happen to just one couple? !

Can't wait for the next instalment.

Dr. C. T. Hunt
I loved it.

I read Fat Dogs and French Estates in one sitting, it is a great read and better I think than Part 1. At one point I was sure, that Beth, Jack and the dogs were being introduced to some ancient vampires! Did they find the house of their dreams? You will have to read also and find out.

Another gem in the series

I love Beth's humorous descriptions of the seemingly never ending quest to find the perfect property, their adventures along the way and Jack's irascible and often hilarious outbursts of grumpiness. Jack is a funnier, wittier and perhaps a bit grumpier than the character of Victor Meldrew ever was. As a bit of a fan of military history, his scathing remarks about such matters throughout their journey really made me laugh out loud on occasion. Unfortunately, I read the book far too quickly and have now finished the book. Bereft, but I'll wait patiently for the next one in the series.

Caryl Williams
Even better than Book 1

I thoroughly 
enjoyed Book 1 and so was so hoping that Book 2 would be just as good. I'm extremely happy to report that it was even better than I'd hoped. One of the things I really loved about Book 1 was Beth's writing style, especially her descriptions, and in Book 2 these are even better. I was entirely captivated, tagging along with her and Jack's adventures as they continued to search for a suitable property. The characters they met leapt from the page and I could see them so clearly in my mind through Beth's words. Their dogs are as loveable as ever, getting up to the things that dogs do, and will have dog owners nodding and smiling along in agreement. An easy and thoroughly enjoyable read, set aside an afternoon or two, curl up on the sofa and be whisked off to France to find out if the property search is successful. This book will particularly appeal to dog lovers, and those who enjoy light-hearted travel memoirs. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

Even more compelling than its predecessor

Like other readers, I was pleased to find that Fat Dogs and French Estates -Part Two, was even more compelling than its predecessor. Towards the end, (the last but one property) I couldn't stop reading and couldn't stop laughing. For all that husband Jack is sometimes lacking in social skills, he as well as Beth showed a lot of patience when dealing with the inefficient estate agents as well as the assorted owners whose often sad stories they both appreciated.

Beth's descriptive powers encompass cars, clothing, countryside and cartography, as well as 'satnav lady' the husband and the dogs.Also, of course, the estate agents and the 'Domaines' they visit. I even got the map book out to see where they went.

Well done, Beth,looking forward to Book 3!

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