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  1. Nancy McBride
    4th July 2015 @ 4:10 pm

    After meeting up with other WLMers in London and Cornwall before "unwinding" in Southern France, I came home feeling as if I was awakening from a wonderful dream. No pretenses, I enjoyed the authenticity I already knew from our correspondence.
    I learned a long time ago to simplify my expectations, not lower them. That way life experiences, never imagined, have room to appear and enrich, whereas with specific expectations/goals, they'd be missed entirely, and the goal may be reached, but big deal. It IS the journey.
    I loved being in the moment, and was so relieved our accident's injuries were minor, and that Brutus' life goes on, unimpeded by a strangers' thwarted desire for a cuddle. My expectations in France were twofold: to unwind, and to soak in Beth's world. √
    I had fresh eggs every morning, Pimm's in the evening, and a plethora of everyday and special treats, in between. Perfection. Thank you, immensely.


  2. Beth Haslam
    5th July 2015 @ 10:00 am

    It was a great pleasure to have you with us Nancy – we all miss you, even Brutus!


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