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Completely Cats   

Completely Cats   

Completely Cats

When Beth and Zoe set out to help cats in need through the charity, International Cat Care, they were amazed at the response. Incredible true stories poured in from cat lovers around the world. As varied as cats themselves, each story is guaranteed to delight, and each book purchased will help support the work of International Cat Care.

My fellow feline-loving pal, Zoe Marr, and I decided to turn our moggy gossiping time into a productive venture. We channelled our energies into helping cats in need. Of course, that didn’t stop the daily cat chat, but that’s animal lovers for you.

Completely Cats was soon created. With it came the formation of a superb relationship with International Cat Care, a worthy charity with a global reach whose missions on feline care and education are a perfect match for our aspirations.

The result was the publication of our book, Completely Cats – Stories with Cattitude.

We are astonished and humbled by the kindness and support we’ve had, and will never be able to thank folks enough for their contributions and support. So, whatever else I might find myself involved with, I shall always continue to promote this cause.

Completely Cats

International Cat Care is proud to have the wonderful support of Beth and Zoe – AKA Completely Cats. In their published work and on social media, their indefatigable promotion of all things feline is marvellous and we really value their help in spreading the word by sharing International Cat Care’s information and advice about cat welfare. (And the Brutus and Alfie jokes are great too!) 

Our vision

All cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding.

Our mission

To engage, educate and empower people throughout the world to improve the health and welfare of cats by sharing advice, training and passion.

What our readers think Completely Cats

Delightful book

Real stories written by many wonderful people who all love being owned by a cat
Any cat lover can’t fail to love this book and it is for such a good cause.A wonderful heartwarming read.

Margaret Hobbs

A must read

What can I say? I didn’t want this book to end! Every story is very special and every cat courageous. After I’d read a story, I’d think that particular one was my favourite, then I’d move on to the next, and decide that was my favourite, and then the next…They are ALL incredible stories! Some are written by owners and some written by the cats themselves. This beautifully written book is easy to read and full of delightful, funny, sad and heartwarming stories, which will have you smiling, gasping in disbelief, and shedding a few tears along the way. One story which will forever remain with me was Mr Frog. How lucky all these cats were to find such compassionate owners. I particularly liked the links at the end of each story which allows the reader to find out a little more about the cat in the story, or about the author. It was also very interesting, and useful to read about Katzenworld and International Cat Care at the end of the book. What a fantastic idea this book was. I really hope the authors bring out a Completely Cats 2, as I’m sure there are many, many more incredible stories waiting to be told.

A. Galilian

What a super book

What a super book – I’ve bought it as a gift for a cat-loving friend of mine. I’m not a ‘cat-person’ – you don’t have to be to LOVE this collection of wonderful ‘tales’ . It’s a wonderful paperback – the illustration is brilliant.

Trishie B

Ideal gift!

Every one of the true tales in this book oozes with love for cats. While some of the stories about what these cats got up to made me giggle, I must also admit to having a tear in my eye as I read others of them. If you’ve ever been charmed by a cat, this is the book for you! Complete with beautiful drawings, the paperback would make a perfect gift for any cat lover. The best bit is that the proceeds are being donated to International Cat Care.


Lovely book about cats

A fun book with excellent stories, sold for a great cause! This book was truly crafted with love, and a lot of thought went into the stories that were chosen. You’ll laugh and cry, possibly at the same time. Best read with a cat on your lap or supervising from a nearby desk or bookshelf.

Rohvannyn Shaw

A Book that Keeps on Giving

“Completely Cats – Stories with Cattitude,” produced by Beth Haslam and Zoe Marr in support of International Cat Care, is filled with awe-inspiring stories of hero cats and their hero humans. For cat lovers, cat disdainers—and readers who want their heartstrings tugged, “Completely Cats” claws its way to the top of the reading list.
From kittens to adult cats, and from healthy cats to their handicapped counterparts, the stories are as versatile as the authors who wrote them. The best news is that not only can the reader be educated, entertained, and enthralled by “Completely Cats,” money from the sale of the book gives a chance of life and hope to other cats.

Author Stephanie Parker McKean

Delicious bundle of pussycat tales

Meet wild cats, posh cats, thief cats, vampire cats, heroic cats, orphan kittens, and even some cats so talented they can tell their own stories. This delicious bundle of pussycat tales will enchant any self-confessed feline fanatic like myself.

Victoria Twead, New York Times bestselling author of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools

Fantastic collection

In ‘Completely Cats’, Beth Haslam and Zoe Marr have put together a fantastic collection of amusing, uplifting and inspiring stories about our feline friends. For all those who love cats it is a must read that will grip you from beginning to end. And it’s wonderful that so many cats in danger or distress throughout the world will be helped by every copy sold.

Lord Black of Brentwood, Patron, International Cat Care