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  1. aka Lydia
    11th September 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    Great interview. Loved the pics, especially the "reject" properties. I too, enjoy Lisa's writing style.


  2. Vallypee
    12th September 2021 @ 9:34 am

    Oh I did enjoy reading this. Such a lovely interview, and Lisa's enthusiasm for Galicia is so inspiring. Thank you, Beth and Lisa for a lovely read!


  3. Beth Haslam
    13th September 2021 @ 10:37 am

    Thanks so much for reading it, Lydia. I love Lisa's writing style, it is wonderfully fresh and personable. 🙂


  4. Beth Haslam
    13th September 2021 @ 10:39 am

    Thank you so much, Val. I agree with you, Lisa sparkling comments about Galicia are inspiring!


  5. Jean Henrickson
    28th September 2021 @ 1:08 am

    I really enjoyed Lisa’s first two books and I am eagerly awaiting her third which I have preordered. So it should arrive this Friday. Thank you Beth and Lisa for a lovely interview with Lisa.


    • Beth Haslam
      28th September 2021 @ 9:50 am

      Many thanks for your kind comments, Jean. I loved Lisa’s first books too and am convinced you’ll enjoy her third. Happy reading!


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