An exceptional blend of memoir, history, and animals

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The book equivalent of comfort food-with no calories!

I love Beth Haslam’s style of writing; her choice of words, and how she says things. This is her 5th book, and it was certainly well worth the wait. Intelligent, her meticulous selection of words makes it so beautifully descriptive. Her word and phrase choices are second to none. I like the chapter titles-they intrigue, yet they don’t give anything away, and it all makes sense as you read the chapter.

This is definitely up to standard-I was in right from the beginning. The quality of the writing; just what we’ve come to expect from Beth Haslam. She just does it every time, and gets better and better.

This has all the right ingredients for me: memoir, moving to a new life abroad, animals, mishaps, hurdles, renovations, French country life, growing their own etc. Beth has become so expert at holding the reader’s attention, and the timing of events. The book often made me chuckle and smile.

There are so many vet visits and dramas, you lose count. And you don’t see them coming. This is an exceptional blend of memoir, history, and animals. Concludes for now, but tempts you to know what’s in store for them next.

A simply scrumptious book.

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