Why did I wait so long?!

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I’ve known Beth for a little while now – but hadn’t read her books. She very kindly sent me a copy of the new box set (which covers the first 3 books her “Fat Dogs and French Estates” series) and I got stuck right in! “Lockdown” has certainly come with its own stresses… and this book set has helped me cope with my insomnia no end because it kept me sane while sleep was eluding me!

Just “wow!” Beth has a beautiful writing style – ever so “frightfully English” (which makes me smile and think of my former “home”). The way she describes characters is something that most other memoir authors could learn from! Each and every character is described so intricately that you feel that you know them personally.

Beth and Jack pack their two dogs into their car… and head into rural France to find the perfect second home – somewhere that they can escape to and relax… away from daily grind of the UK. However – colourful adventures are afoot, and this book has you cringing, smiling and crying in equal measures because of course these things rarely go smoothly. I frequently found myself asking how they could bear some of the things they went through – I’m not sure I’d have still been smiling as much as Beth does.

I’m an absolute convert to Beth’s books now and can’t wait to get stuck into Book four!

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